Knollcrest Tax District
Knollcrest Tax District 


The Knollcrest Tax District operates and manages the properties owned by the Knollcrest Real Estate Corporation including the beach, marina, roads, and water system. 


Knollcrest Beach

The Knollcrest Community Beach, located at the east end of Millway, is the most popular spot in Knollcrest during the summer months. The beach is open daily for all Knollcrest residents and their guests from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Limited parking is available on the upper beach area. The middle area contains a paved area with a basketball hoop.

The beach is cleaned and raked daily and a portable toilet is provided during the summer months. From May to October, water quality is tested at least monthly by the Candlewood Lake Authority to ensure your safety. However, use of the beach is strictly at your own risk; there is no lifeguard. Children under twelve must be supervised by an adult. In addition, common-sense rules have been established for your safety, and are prominently displayed at the beach.


Knollcrest Marina

The Knollcrest Marina is located immediately to the right of the STOP sign as you enter the community.  There is a short road in which you can walk or drive down to the Marina.  Parking is available for a limited number of vehicles.  The Marina consists of 31 boat slips located toward the end of a cove on Candlewood Lake.  The Marina has twenty-three boat slips that are individually owned by non-waterfront Knollcrest property owners.  The remaining eight slips are owned by the community along with an additional four dedicated spaces for Personal Water Craft (PWC). There also is a rack to accomodate a limited amount of kayaks and canoes.  All facilities at the Marina are for Knollcrest Residents Only.  The lake area upon which the docks float is leased to the community by the lake's owner, FirstLight Power Resources.


Slip ownership is typically specified in property deeds.  Slip owners, renters of community slips, renters of spaces for PWC, and canoe/kayak rack renters pay an annual assessment to the Knollcrest Tax District.  This assessment is used to cover costs for such things as road/sea wall maintenance, repair/replacement of the center floats used to anchor individual slips, insurance, lights, access to electrical power and landscaping.  Maintenance of individually-owned slips is the owners' responsibility.  The Marina also has a boat ramp available for use by Knollcrest residents only.  The eight community-owned slips are available to rent to Knollcrest residents only on an annual basis.  There is currently a waiting list for a community-owned slip.  For additional details about the Marina, please contact the Marina Director at


For those people who are considering the purchase of a non-waterfront home in Knollcrest, it is suggested that you inquire with your realtor if that property has a deeded boat slip at the Knollcrest Marina.

Property Management

The Windmill, which is non-functional, is used by the community to store equipment and records. It also serves as the place for monthly Board meetings. Immediately adjacent to it is the community bulletin board. The Windmill is the only one of its kind in western Connecticut and serves as the community’s logo and focal point.



Landmark Windmill



Community roads are maintained by the Tax District. This includes paving, repair, snow plowing, sanding and spring cleaning.

Year round, residents are asked to use common sense when parking their cars on the streets, especially for emergency vehicle access and when inclement weather is forecast. 

Water System

The community water system consists of an electric pump-powered well system with a generator backup system, capable of supplying residents will all of their water requirements. Water is tested monthly, and we are happy to report that its purity rates among the best in Connecticut.

Millway Pump House
Generator Windmill Circle

Knollcrest Tax District

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For individual inquiries to Board members or to add your email address to the KTD notices mailing list, please visit the Contact Us page.

Quick Notes:

Knollcrest Tax District Board Meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of January, March, May, July, September and November at 7:30 PM at the windmill. All residents are welcome. Visit the Meetings page for more information.

Office Hours are 30 mins prior to Monthly Board Meetings. Board documents, requested at least two weeks in advance, will be made available to residents for viewing. Please email your document requests to

Tax Bills and Water Charges are due in July 1 / January 1.

Please visit the Knollcrest Community Facebook Page for community related announcements.



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